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Permaculture – PUMP IT UP!

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From Warm Beer to Warm Water


Once upon a time, in the days before ‘alco-pops’ and ‘binge drinking’, England was famous for it’s warm beer. We might prefer things a little cooler nowadays, but we still produce some of the finest Real Ales in the world – probably.

Anyone over the age of 35 will no doubt remember a time when pubs and shops would give you 10p each for your ’empties’; empty beer, pop and milk bottles would be cleaned, sterilised and reused, which on a local scale works better than recycling.

Unfortunately things have changed and our beer bottles now go to the recycle bin, the dump or, worst of all, end up smashed in the street by some inconsiderate binge-drinker. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

As Green Up & Go reported last year…

A Chinese farmer in Quqiao village has constructed his own solar power water heater – out of beer bottles and hosepipes. He built the solar panel to help heat up water in his home. “I invented this for my mother,” Ma Yanjun explained. “I wanted her to shower comfortably.”

The solar panel is constructed from 66 beer bottles attached to a board. Each bottle is interconnected so that the water flows through the bottle network. As the water flows through the bottles, the sun heats it up. At the end of the network, the water is piped into the bathroom where it emerges as hot water.

Ma claims that his creation provides enough hot water for all three family members to have a shower each day. His creation has proved so popular and innovative that other families in his village have copied his lead and built their own solar water-heaters.


And if you’re more of a ‘tinny’ person then don’t worry, there’s no need to despair; there’s always the tin-can solarbox…


And now for the science bit…

solar heater

For full details visit Mother Earth News.

So now all we need to do is empty some beer bottles 😉

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GREYMATTERS – how to become a greywater guerrilla

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