Climate Change March and Our Plans

by Stephen Platt

Following the Climate Change March in Doncaster on July 11th, a number of people felt newly encouraged: many felt that it was an event that we could build on to form a local organisation in order to counter the problems resulting from climate change and peak oil. I made some suggestions as to what activities we could get into. However, our plan of action will be decided by all of us, not just by me.

The Next Step

The date and venue of our first meeting will be Monday, September 14th, 4.30 until 6.00pm at Doncaster Central Library‘s meeting room at Waterdale, Doncaster. Do please come. We need support in numbers, it gives us credibility. If you can’t come, please get in touch. But if you can come, get in touch – I need feed back.

NB There will be a follow-up meeting later the same day at the Visitors’ Centre, St. Leger Horse Park, Great North Road, A638 (a bit further on from the Mount Pleasant Hotel) , 7.15 to 9.30pm.

Green Companion

We came across the ‘Green Companion’ on a weekend in Bath. There are ideas in it that could take off in Doncaster, which we could get involved in and that Doncaster Council could encourage. We could discuss them at our meeting or leave them to a later meeting.

March in London

Some advice for getting to the march in London on December 5th.

This can be by the “Wave Express”, a charter train, from Bradford, Leeds and Doncaster to London King’s Cross. Look on: http//


Arrangements for travel to Copenhagen are not yet finalised.

See: http// …or  http// .

That’s it for now and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Platt.

August 30, 2009 at 12:19 pm 2 comments

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